Beekeeping Services

Listings of information regarding sales of equipment, supplies, and services, and listings of beekeeping classes are provided below.

Honeybee Packages, Nucs, and Supplies

Some of our members and partners sell honeybee packages, nucs, and equipment to local beekeepers. Information submitted by potential sellers is provided below, but the CDBA does not endorse or warrant the products being sold. Please contact vendors directly to obtain more information about their products or services. If you are a registered CDBA member who would like to be listed as a supplier of honeybees or equipment, please notify the webmaster or a CDBA board member.

Bee packages, nucs, queens and beekeeping supplies

Honey Trails Honey

Honey Trails Honey has started taking orders for Honey Bee Packages and 5-frame nucs. Woodenware and other supplies are also available for purchase. Availability of packages are limited, so be sure to get your order submitted early. Details and order forms can be found at the Honey Trails website — [Posted for CDBA member, Chris Saad, on January 18, 2020]


Bee nucs

Smith Talbot Apiaries

Smith Talbot Apiaries is now taking 2020 orders for 5-frame nucs that will be available for pick up in early- to mid-May. $140.00 ea. Pick up is in Naperville, Illinois. Call or text (708) 602-6764 to order or for more information. [Posted for CDBA member, Joseph Talbot, on January 18, 2020]


Bee packages, nucs, queens and beekeeping supplies

Meyer Bees

We have several races of bees available this year 2020 including Italian, Russian, Carniolan and Saskatraz.   All items are for pickup at our Minooka, IL site:  
— 3 pound packages bees with mated and laying Italian queen @ $120
— 5 frame NUC w/ mated and laying marked Italian queen, 2-3 frame brood, 2 frames honey/pollen @ $165
— Queens from local survivor stock available spring, summer and fall from our queen mating yard in Minooka (all queens are marked) @ $35

Also, we have a Mann Lake showroom with beekeeping equipment in stock (woodenware, clothing, tools, equipment, treatments, feed items, bottling supplies, etc.) and where you can browse products and purchase items onsite.  We are open all  year long – contact us to schedule a visit.
Contact Information:
Dave Meyer, [email protected]; Phone: 815-521-9116
Address: Meyer Bees, 2021 Holt Road, Minooka IL
[Posted for CDBA member, Dave Meyer, on February 17, 2020]


Swarm Removal and Cutout Services

Some of our members will remove swarms or will provide specialized cutout services to remove established honeybee colonies from structures.

Check back soon for a 2020 list of members who provide swarm removal and/or cutout services…

Members interested in adding their names to the list can apply using this application form

Beekeeper Classes and Training

Improve your beekeeping skills by taking classes or attending seminars or other training sessions. Check back regularly for updates to the list of 2020 beekeeper classes and training opportunities. Please notify the webmaster or a CDBA board member if you know of opportunities that should be considered for inclusion.

Beginning Beekeeping Class
Garfield Park Conservatory
March 8, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Spend the day with Garfield Park Conservatory’s Head Beekeeper, Marcin Matelski, to learn the basics of beekeeping: equipment, hive design and construction, bee biology and behavior, bee management, and bee products. More information…