Swarm Removal and Cutout Services

Honeybee Swarm in Tree

Some CDBA members will remove swarms or will provide specialized cutout services to remove established honeybee colonies from structures. [Click here for more information about differences between swarm removal and cutout services]

Honeybee swarms will generally only remain in place for hours to days before moving on to a more permanent location. Because of that, it is important to contact someone right away (phone or text messages would probably be most effective) if you wish to have a swarm removed. It might also be best to locate someone relatively close to your location using town names or zip codes as a guide, although beekeepers are often willing to travel a fair distance to capture swarms. Some beekeepers are only willing to remove swarms within specific areas and that are easily accessible (e.g., no higher than some distance above the ground).

The following table provides information about CDBA beekeepers willing to provide swarm removal and/or cutout services. There is no guarantee that specific beekeepers will agree to remove a swarm within a specific timeframe or under certain conditions (e.g., accessibility or safety concerns).

CDBA Swarm Removal and Cutout Services List

Removal or
Swarms onlyThomas BozekDowners Grove60516E-Mail(630) 201-2545
Swarms onlyJohn HayseDowners Grove60516E-mail(630) 399-8082
Swarms onlyDale KleberHinsdale60521(630) 280-9484
Swarms and CutoutsMike MaloneyJustice60458(708) 670-8041
Swarms onlyTed Mrozek
Westchester60154(708) 228-6945
Swarms and Cutouts
[Licensed by State of Illinois
to safely relocate honeybees
Pete SolteszChicagoland &
60000E-mail(630) 207-4255
Swarms onlyMarge TrockiWoodridge60517E-Mail(630) 853-2704
Swarms and CutoutsDave BradyChicago60660E-Mail(312) 515-7375
Swarms onlyBill GasperBurr Ridge60527E-Mail(630) 323-3960
Swarms and CutoutsKim KultonGreater Chicago Area60181E-Mail(630) 926-3960
Swarms onlyRobert VearLa Grange60525(630) 207-3983

CDBA members interested in being added to the list can apply using this application form

The map below indicates the approximate locations of CDBA beekeepers who offer swarm capture services. Keep in mind that many beekeepers are willing to travel well beyond the designated circles to capture swarms! Click on circles to identify the beekeepers. Then look up contact information for your choices in the list above.

Map of CDBA Swarm Catchers!