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Welcome!  The 2018 CDBA Package Bee Purchase season has arrived!  CDBA’s charter is to promote the general interests of bee culture and the production and use of honey and other apiary products.  As such, 100% of all proceeds above costs will be contributed to the CDBA operating account to fund educational initiatives.  Our hope is that this year’s upcoming Package Bee Purchase plan will Package Bees1encourage new membership into the beekeeping community and help restock our local apiaries!  Thank you in advance for joining us in this endeavor!

Summary of Details:

  • CDBA is offering Packaged Bees with unmarked mated queens.
  • 2018 Pricing   3lb = $135.00
  • To place your order online via the CDBA website using a Credit Card or PayPal account.
  • Non-CDBA members will be assessed a $35.00 handling fee per order.
    •  Members will get the coupon code to waive this fee when they renew or join the club by signing into the members only section of the website.
    • Not a member Join Now.
    • If you are a member contact the CDBA here, a code will be sent to you.
  • Packages delivery will be end of April or early May.
  • Pickup is tentatively set at location is at Trinity Lutheran School in Burr Ridge, IL,  you will be notified by e-mail of date and cell phone, time and location for pick up.downloadCancellation Policy:  You are reserving live honeybees which are considered livestock and are limited in supply.   Non-CDBA members will be assessed a $35 handling fee.  CDBA reserves the right to cancel all or part of the orders at any time.  In the unlikely event CDBA is unable to secure the requisite number of honey bee packages, orders will be filled on a first come – first serve basis; and any unfilled orders will be fully refunded.
  • Supply is limited and exceeds demand, so make your reservation as soon as possible.

Package Distributor: Tim Wilbanks – 5th generation beekeeper (Wilbanks Apiaries, Claxton, GA). Tim recently acquired Lee Heine’s distribution business out of Watertown, WI. CDBA Bee Packages are coming from the West Coast – California Central Valley near Sacramento.

Remember, as always, the weather in California and along the route effects the exact delivery dates.  All sources of bees and queens are state inspected, and a state apiary health certificate is available upon request.

CDBA / Tim Wilbanks Guarantees:

Bees and Queens are guaranteed alive upon arrival in Chicago.  While installing, should you determine your Queen has expired, contact Pete Soltesz,, immediately and arrange to pick up a replacement.

This guarantee lasts for two days past the arrival date.  (In other words, if you wait longer than two days to pick up and install your package and your queen is dead, you will be responsible for arranging for a replacement queen on your own.)  This guarantee extends only to the purchaser of the package.  It is non-transferrable thru any resale.

Once a package is installed, Bees and Queens are no longer guaranteed.  It is recommended that you wait at least one full week to conduct the initial post-installation inspection.  Inspections at this stage should be limited to ensuring the queen has released and is not dead in the cage.  At this stage, do not disrupt the entire hive just to set eyes on her.  Instead, look for signs that she is there:  the presence of eggs and larvae.

*Any changes or cancellations of orders will be processed manually and may be requested by contacting CDBA President, Pete Soltesz.  Should you need to either reduce or forfeit your order; every effort will be made to offset your change against requests on our waitlist.  We cannot promise that we will be able to accomplish this.  In the event there are no offsetting purchasers on the waitlist, you will unfortunately, lose your deposit.  Any cancellations or reductions in orders remaining after January 31st will result in forfeiture of both the deposit and remainder balance of payment.

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