Membership Benefits

Being a member of the Cook – DuPage Beekeepers Association provides many benefits to a HanoverParkApiarybeekeeper:

Download a Flyer Here:CDBA Flyer

  • Networking – With more than 250 members in the association, new beekeepers to members who have decades of beekeeping experience, and single hive hobbyists to owners of commercial operations, you have the ability to interact with folks who “have been there and done that” and are willing to share their experiences with you.
  • Meetings –  Ten monthly meetings take place each year that include presentations on various topics. and renowned speakers.  Some previous presentations included Swarm Management, Observation Hives, Queen Rearing, Pest Treatment, Insurance, and how to set up for a successful Farmer’s Market program.
  • Monthly “Meet Up” – Interact with other beekeepers in a smaller group to discuss topics from hive management to the best type of honey bee.
  • Discounts on Packages of Bees and Queens – Enjoy a discount on club sponsored sales of packages of 2 or 3 pound packages of bees and queens.
  • Discounts on Classes & Seminars – Cook-DuPage Beekeepers offer discounts to CDBA sponsored classes and workshops on bees and beekeeping that are held during the year.  Additionally, membership provides a discounted price to the Annual CDBA banquet featuring well known and respected individuals in the national beekeeping community.
  • Club Extractor Share – The CDBA has a manual extractor and extracting equipment for your use.
  • Video Library –  The organization maintains a video library of tapes and discs regarding beekeeping.  Members may check out the videos monthly for a nominal fee.
  • Book Store – During the monthly meetings, you can browse available books on bee related topics and purchase them to further your education.
  • Magazine Discounts – Your membership in the Cook – DuPage Beekeeping Association provides you with a 25% discount to the American Bee Journal.
  • Newsletter – “The Buzz” which is free to members,will keep you current on all the happenings in the association.
  • CDBA Web Site – The web site provides information on beekeeping that is specific to our area, and updates on association events and topics of interest for our local area.
  • Local Honey Provider – Members can be listed on the CDBA web site’s local honey provider page at no charge.  This page provides local area residents with a listing of individuals who sell locally produced honey.
  • Swarm Capture – Members can be listed on the CDBA web site by zip code specific areas to capture honey bee swarms.  The listing provides the general public and local government with a source of individuals who are capable of removing a honey bee swarm.
  • County Fair Participation– The association sponsors a booth at the DuPage County Fair to educate the public on beekeeping and sell local honey to the fair attendees.  Members can volunteer to help with honey sales and talk about honey bees and beekeeping.
  • State Fair Honey Competition– The Cook-DuPage Beekeepers Association is one of a handful of associations that participate in the Illinois State Fair competition in Springfield.
  • For a downloadable flyer click here. CDBA Flyer

Additionally, all members of the Cook-DuPage Beekeeping Association are automatically enrolled in the Illinois State Beekeepers Association and receive the Illinois State Beekeepers Association Newsletter and the benefits afforded the statewide organization.

Membership is open to anyone interested in bees and beekeeping.  You do not need to own a hive to join.  Join now here.