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There is nothing like the taste of local honey, the flavors of local blooms of honey bottleflowers, fruits, trees, herbs and vegetables is extremely different from the flavor found in nationally distributed honey.

  • While National Brands strive for a consistent flavor, not only from batch to batch but from year to year, local honey will reflect the seasons and years, similar to a fine wine.
  • While National Brands may process the honey to reduce granulation, many locally produced honey may just be filtered or strained to assure the highest quality of flavor and antioxidants.
  • While National Brands may combine honey from all over the US and the world, most locally produced honey is generated from a small geographic area and reflects the plants from that area.

Honey DripLooking to experience the taste of local honey?  The following Cook DuPage Beekeeper Association Members are happy to provide you with the taste, nutrients and benefits that locally produced honey can provide. For further information on location, price and availability please contact our members below and please tell them you were referred to them by the Cook DuPage Beekeepers Web Site:

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Those listed above offering to sell honey and other hive-related products to the general public are solely responsible for all actions and activities related to providing such product(s). The Cook-DuPage Beekeepers’ Association provides the listing only as a service to potential buyers and sellers, and the Association, its officers and members assume no responsibilities whatsoever related to the communications or any transaction that may occur, including but not limited to information exchanged or any damages, injuries or bodily harm alleged to have been sustained from the use of any such product.   The CDBA does not recommend or endorse one provider over another.