Honorary Members

The CDBA congratulates our Honorary Members.  The people listed below have been members of the Association for a period of twenty years.  Once officially designated as such, these members will enjoy lifetime honorary membership in the Association with full privileges without further dues.  We recognize these outstanding members at our annual October banquet.  Congratulations to all of our Honorary Members and we look forward to seeing  them at an upcoming meeting!
John  Adamowski
Slobodan  Bogdanovich
William  Buckley
Norman  DeYoung
Lawrence  DuBose
Ronald  Fischer
John  Hansen
Charles  Ingram
Jane Koller
Joseph  Koller
Kenneth  Kralik
Phil  May
Jane  Nelson
Harry  Patterson
Lee  Patterson
Bonnie Pronger
Oliver Pronger
Frank  Reiss
Bob  Svidron
Charles  Williams