Swarm Capture Volunteer

As a service to the community, we are building a list of CDBA members who are willing to retrieve swarms in the Cook-DuPage area.  If you are interested in participating, please complete the following form.  On receipt, you will be added to the list of individuals on the swarm list that will be published on our website.  Please note that this is provided as a service to the community and you.

Remember,  cutout services are required by the Illinois Dept of Public Health to be licensed by the state.

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If you need to look up the zip code for a particular area, please visit www.cookdupagebeekeepers.com/zipcodes/ where a listing of the local zip codes is provided


Member of Cook - DuPage Beekeepers Association

Those volunteering to assist the general public in the capture of honeybee swarms are responsible for all activities related to swarm collection, including any communications with the general public that may be involved. The Cook-DuPage Beekeepers’ Association (CDBA) assumes no responsibility related to the swarm collection activity. Each person appearing on the List agrees to relieve, hold harmless and indemnify CDBA, its officers and members for any actions or activities related to swarm collection, including but not limited to information used, liabilities, or resultant damages, injuries or bodily harm that might occur.

By authorizing your name to be included on this Listing, you are stipulating to these conditions.

Please accept our apology for this additional step.
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