CDBA Charitable Organization

‘The CDBA last year started the application process with the IRS to become an IRS 501(C)(3) Charitable Organization.   On 2/18/2017 the membership voted at a general meeting to change our organization articles of incorporation not-for-profit paperwork to come into compliance with IRS rules.      Once that paperwork was filed, the IRS approved our 501(C)(3) application effective Feb 24th 2017.

What we do as a Charitable Organization

  • Educate the public and beekeepers about beekeeping and products of the hive by:
    • Using local knowledge and guidance of current beekeepers
    • Bring in guest speakers who are experts in their field.
    • Provide demonstrations of new and trusted process for beekeeping
  • Provide scholarships for junior beekeepers for beginning beekeeping classes.
  • Provide public assistance for honey bee swarm and cut-out removals.
  • Provide public education by attending special events and fairs
  • and much much more.

If you care to donate you may do so at any time by clicking the PayPal link here.  All donations are fully tax deductible.