2019 Annual Banquet

CDBA Annual Banquet Information and Reservation Form:

This year, there are two ways to reserve your spot at the banquet.  You can mail in a check and a form or you can sign up online via Eventbrite (link to be made available soon).  Please note, there is a ticket transaction fee charged for each ticket for Eventbrite.  If you wish to avoid the transaction fee, you can mail your check and printed form to our Membership Secretary, John Hayse (mailing address on form).

The CDBA will hold our annual October Banquet on Saturday, October 19, at Christ Lutheran Church of Clarendon Hills. 

The cost for the banquet is $30 per person for CDBA members and $40 per person for non-members.

Our speaker for the evening will be Sam Comfort, who worked for several years in commercial beekeeping across the country before starting Anarchy Apiaries in 2005. Through breeding queens from hardy survivor stock and experimenting with methods and hive designs, the mission is to 1) make more beehives than there are televisions, and 2) have a good time, all the time (with bees). Anarchy Apiaries runs around 1000 hives and 500 mating nucs on the permaculture principal of minimal input; no treatments, minimal feeding, and do-it-yourself hive boxes in New York and Florida. Through teaching self-contained, self-reliant beekeeping, he hopes to make it more affordable, approachable, and enjoyable, as well as bring the means of production back to the beekeeper.

We hope to see you there!

Please note that you will incur a per ticket service charge via Eventbrite. To avoid this service charge, print the reservation form from the CDBA website and either mail it to John Hayse or bring it to the September general meeting. Thank you.  Online signup here!